Lead Manager Software

Lead Manager Software
Lead Manager Software
Product Description

ULIS- Lead Manager is created to help users easily manage the multiple elements of the sales process. You can use ULIS-Lead Manager to clearly map your sales and marketing strategies and to automate repetitive work such as follow-ups. The software can help you to nurture and enrich leads, improve personal relationships with your customers and more. The application organizes sales data to qualify promising leads and uses interactive reporting tools to help you track your company sales activities.  

Automate Workflow

Lead Manager allows your team to concentrate on selling rather than worrying about repetitious but important tasks such as updating databases, scheduling upcoming events or creating follow up reminders. Ability to manage the user list, email setting one touch back up and ip tracker.

Expenses Management 

ULIS-Lead Manager Expenses Management manages the expenses related to tour expenses, admin expenses, daily convey an expense, administrative expenses as well as employee wise expense also. It views the comparison of expenses. 

Organize Information

Lead Manager software allows your sales to stay organized. From acting as a database for customer information, to scheduling and tracking mass emails or keeping track of your task schedules

Designed for sales people

 Salespeople need software designed for their trade. While using regular CRMs can work, the real magic happens when you use tools that were built to drive sales and manage leads by ULIS-Lead Manager.


Company Area Management 

Management handles all the superior work of Sales EOS such as the adding the new product details, new tax updated, adding new units and terms and conditions and managing the existing product, tax, units and terms and conditions.

Unifies all tools

Having a single, streamlined view of your sales process gives clarity, and gets your team on the same page. Supporting apps integrations is available i.e. print, excel sheet export and so on. 

Campaign Management

Campaign Management includes setting up target clients, mechanizing of work processes, and measurement of success on predefined metrics. Two of its sub-feature is

Email Management: It helps you track opened and clicked emails and works with popular email clients like Gmail

Message: It helps you track opened and clicked message and works with popular messaging  

Deals and Task 

Allow you to add, assign and track significant items and add them to your business pipeline. Deals and tasks get populated by it using customer data. Another way to do this is updated using real-time information.

Lead Management

Manage the lead area of Sales EOS system by adding new leads and maintain the data of contact person and manage the follow up status, lead quality, lrad type, lead source, lead religion and their communication mode 


Analysis the lead details call details, quotation and new customer data. It views the analytic of if any new client or lead added to system, communication details via email campaign and client wise revenue generated. 

Contact Management

In every business sales department, it's actually people interacting people. Therefore it is necessary to have a coherent contact management system in place. Customer data is organized in a centralized location. Various customer data like his contact number, demographic, customer service interaction can be saved and retrieved here.

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